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At Tosh's Heritage Farm we believe in raising each and every animal as naturally and lovingly as possible. This applies to our cattle, goats, sheep, and chickens. On our Missouri farm we use sustainable agriculture, rotational grazing, and multispecies permaculture to utilize our pastures and woods in such a way so as to benefit the land and the animal, which in
turn benefits man.

Our mission statement is to farm in a manner that benefits the environment, the consumer, and the livestock. We practice MIG (management intensive grazing). This allows us to utilize our diverse polyculture fully. We rotate the sheep, cattle, goats, and chickens through the pastures and thereby reducing the parasite load of each animal. This also fertilizes our fields naturally. Our choices for breeding stock are always based on health first, breed conformation second. The healthier the animal, the less intervention by man that is needed.

With this in mind, we chose the Katahdin hair sheep for our flock of meat sheep. They are a very disease resistant breed and do well in Missouri during our hot humid summers.

Our ADGA registered dairy goat herd consists of two breeds that we have come to love and admire both for their wonderful milking capacities and their interactive personalities. We raise Purebred and American LaManchas and Oberhaslis.

Our cattle are purebred Gelbvieh; the "Yellow Cow." They are a wonderful breed that have a very mellow, laid back personality. This, together with their superior hardiness, as well as good rate of gain on grass alone, makes them the ideal breed for us.

Our free range hens supply us with delicious, vibrantly orange eggs. My description of our amazing farm would not be complete without mentioning our Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs. They are extraordinary in their defense of all the farms inhabitants! Without them our farm would simply be an "All-you-can-eat buffet bar" for the local wildlife!



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